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Who Drove up Gamestop (GME)?

It has been a wild ride for Game Stop (EB Games in Canada) over the past couple weeks. This is a company with 5509 retail stores and like many retail stores has seen a huge hit in lost revenues to … Continue reading

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Ignore the Beggar

Six years ago, I was walking across the border between Belize and Nicaragua with a 3 and 5 year old in tow. As rain started to come down in torrents, I shelled out some coins to hire a rickshaw driver … Continue reading

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Nicaragua with Kids

Crazy is a word I often hear. Head shakes are pretty common. A few tsk, tsk’s under the breath…I smile. I like this kind of thing. If I get this reaction, then I know it’s gonna be a good idea! … Continue reading

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Top 10 Red Flags to Prevent Online Credit Fraud for Retailers

Shut Down the Scammers – Top 10 Red Flags It takes a brazen person to walk into your place of business and steal something off the shelf or give you a credit card for payment that is not theirs. The … Continue reading

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Planning a Trip – My Top 10 Things to Do

I spend a lot of time dreaming about where to go next. It’s 20 years of traveling for me now – I’ve finally put my top 10 things to remember to do before I leave on paper…maybe now I’ll stop … Continue reading

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Our Skin is Dark

Morning time comes early around our house. My little boy Sammy loves to climb up the stairs and crawl into bed with me for morning time snuggles. This morning wasn’t one of those mornings where he would fall back to … Continue reading

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